Singing Equality Across the America!

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Are you greater than the sun, that
Shines on everyone; black, brown,
yellow red and white, the sun does not
discriminate ...
copyright of Sara Ting.

Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.”                                                                                                                      - E.Y. Harburg

We hope you will join World Unity Inc. in our campaign, “Singing Equality Across America.”  Our song can inspire students and communities to feel equality.  Imagine children singing the song in your school and beyond. It can inspire your leaders to create a community and a world that values everyone.

World Unity Inc. is offering an educational presentation of our song.  Please fill out the registration form to receive a copy and consideration making a donation.  It will help us continue to introduce the song to school districts across the country and build the World Unity Landmark.

Thank you for your leadership and support.

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