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Small Book with a Big Idea: Vol. 1

5 Minute Training to Empower You And Transform our World.
A thought provoking book inviting you to look at diversity from a new perspective.
An excerpt from the book:
“Dare to be as great as the sun. Dare to shine on everyone.”

Comments On “Small Book With A Big Idea, 5 Minute Training To Empower and Transform Your World.”

"Loved the book -- great resource tool for diversity and inclusion" - Dr. Michael Watkins, Mass General Hospital
“Enlightening and Inspiring” - Lloyd Bowen, Manager, Prudential Financial
“A small book with such life changing ideas, dynamite"
Dr. David Phillips, Retired, UMass Memorial Medical Ctr .

If you are interested in placing bulk order please call (617) 522-8645. Thank you for your order and support. Or, you can go to my e-Store page below to purchase Small Book with a Big Idea. 


Small Book with a Big Idea: Vol. 2

The power of Listening in a World of Differences
Diversity is a part of the DNA of America. This book offers some thought-provoking perspectives on listening that may strengthen and enhance your listening skills.

Read a story about a business executive who shared a story where he listened outside of the box and it kept a big client and how listening fulfilled a dream that I pursued for 5 years.

Comments On “Small Book With A Big Idea, Power of Listening in World of Differences.” 

"Terrific Read"
Derek Young - President, Fidelity Investments

If you are interested in placing bulk order please call (617)
522-8645. Thank you for your order and support. Or, you can go to my e-Store page below to purchase Small Book with a Big Idea. 


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Video on Diversity

sample 45 second preview of the 6 minute video.

Title of Video: The Sun Shines On Everyone
Are you greater than the sun
that shines on everyone:
Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White
the sun does not discriminate
© 1985 Sara Ting

This video tells the story of the Sun poem that expresses a timeless and universal message. It offers an empowering and enlightening perspective on diversity. The Boston City Council passed a resolution in 2018 recognizing the Sun Poem as a powerful tool to help us see our common humanity. The poem inspired books, bookmarkers, magnets, and posters as additional communication medium to convey the message. These tools have been introduced to public schools, universities in 49 states across the US, as well as numerous housing authorities.

This video can serve as a catalyst for a dialogue on diversity. It can help participants understand we have more in common than differences. A booklet on conducting a dialogue on diversity and inclusion inspired by the Sun poem is available. It provides guidelines to facilitate dialogue, interactive exercises, and simple practices to cultivate a mindset of valuing diversity and inclusion. It’s recommended this program be conducted for 2 – 2 ½ hours with 25-30 participants. The video is $350 with a booklet to conduct a diversity dialogue. You can also purchase the booklet for $15. Prices do not include shipping costs


Book Markers and Magnets enscribed With The Sun Poem

The Sun poem is available on magnets and book markers. It is a great handout for any diversity program to support diversity initiatives and provide individuals with a powerful educational message to empower them in addressing diversity on a daily basis. The Sun poem is now in 41 states, 41 colleges. The magnets and book markers may also be imprinted with text and logos at no extra charge. For volume pricing,

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