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Training Aids

Training Film - A World of Differences - Diversity Training video

Click on Globe to view sample 45 second preview of 6 minute video.

Title of Video: Sun Shines On Everyone -  The Sun Shines On Everyone is a 6 minute video that tells the extraordinary story of a spiritual journey that lead to the writing of The Sun poem

Are you greater than the sun
that shines on everyone:
Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White
the sun does not discriminate.

                                                        © Sara Ting

This is a timeless and universal poem.  It offers a new perspective on diversity, one that is empowering and enlightening.

This video may be used as a catalyst for a dialogue on diversity.  It also can be purchased along with a training manual on how the video may be used for an hour and a half workshop.  The cost of one video is $325, with the training manual it’s $335.  Duplicate copies of the video are available at discounted rates.  Information is provided upon request of copies.

Benefits of the Sun Poem: This poem has the ability to change self-awareness around diversity. Quoting Dr. Abraham Maslow, “what is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”  That is exactly what this poem is designed to do.  It engages the reader to stop and think about how he/she responds to differences in people. Personal stories have been shared with me of how individuals were profoundly changed by the poem.  

The Sun poem can be printed on items that can be used everyday such as a magnet, bookmarker, sticky notes, magnetic memo pad and mugs.  These items can serve as a friendly diversity tool to help us become more self-aware as we engage with diversity.  In the past two years these tools have been introduced to schools and universities across the US. Now they’re in 49 states. Slowly companies are embracing it. Consider it for your employees, it’s simple and it can produce change.

 Benefits of the diversity tool:

The Diversity tool can:

  • change attitudes and thinking around diversity

  • be used everyday to help cultivate a mind set of openness

  • help promote pluralism

  • help prepare individuals to work in a diverse environment

  • if you are in a school or college environment, allow you to build a writing program around diversity

  • be used as a catalyst to create a dialogue

  • address all forms of differences you can think of

  • help individuals see the common humanity we all share

  • help individuals think about diversity from a new empowering perspective

Over a year for an individual to have the tool and use it everyday it is less than 1 penny

Book Markers and Magnets With The Sun Poem

The Sun poem is available on magnets and book markers. It is a great handout for any diversity program to support diversity initiatives and provide individuals with a powerful educational message to empower them in addressing diversity on a daily basis.  The Sun poem is now in 41 states, 41 colleges.  The magnets and book markers may also be imprinted with text and logos at no extra charge.  For volume pricing, see the chart below:



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