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Sara Ting and Associates

Empowering individuals with skills and knowledge to engage with diversity grows business, creativity, teamwork, talent and leadership

Why Diversity Training Impacts Every Dimension of an Organization

Organizations are made up of people. It is the organization’s greatest resource. As the workplace and marketplace becomes more and more diverse knowing how to effectively engage with differences impacts every dimension of an organization. Developing the understanding and the skills to manage diversity and inclusion becomes critical and invaluable in contributing to the success and growth of an organization.

The Approach to Diversity Training

The approach to diversity training is working from the inside out.  It is a five step process:

1) Self-awareness
2) Knowledge
3) Develop skill
4) Take action and
5) Evaluate 

Why Diversity Training is an endless journey

Diversity training is an ongoing process that continues to empower individuals and benefit the organization.  Individuals have countless way that they are different from each other.  Fitting in and contributing to an organization that has its own culture and constant changes require adjustments.  All this diversity together provides continuous challenges and opportunities for understanding diversity and sharpening our diversity skills.

What's Special About Ting & Associates

Workshops are innovative, engaging, focused, insightful, thought provoking and empowering. Participants’ eyes are opened up to the power and value of embracing diversity and learn the skills needed to successfully engage with differences. One module has proven over the last 20 years to be effective in developing self-awareness and empowering participants in addressing all kinds of diversity issues. This workshop cannot be seen or presented anywhere else.

World Unity, Inc.

Sara Ting is the founder and president of World Unity, Inc.,  a non-profit organization dedicated to making a continuing and lasting contribution towards the elimination of all forms of racial, ethnic, religious and cultural bigotry, prejudices, discrimination and biases. World Unity, Inc. is sponsoring an extraordinary project that can help change the consciousness of humanity.  Please visit the website at:  www.worldunityinc.org    


By developing these steps it will ensure the success of the diversity training and enhance productivity, creativity, teamwork and leadership.  Participants will learn specifics skills and knowledge to empower them in addressing diversity issues.  All the training is designed to be engaging, experiential and thought-provoking.

A World of Differences:
 Diversity Training video

<==   Click on the Globe to view a sample 45 second preview of the 6 minute video.  

Title of Video: The Sun Shines On Everyone

" The Sun Shines On Everyone" is a 6 minute video that tells the extraordinary story of a spiritual journey that lead to the writing of The Sun poem:

Are you greater than the sun
that shines on everyone:
Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White
the sun does not discriminate.

                                                                           © 1985 Sara Ting

This is a timeless and universal poem.  It offers a new perspective on diversity, one that is empowering and enlightening. The Sun Poem has been developed into an educational tool.  It’s printed on bookmarkers, magnets and posters. In the past two years these tools have been introduced to schools and universities across the US. Now they’re in 49 states.

This video may be used as a catalyst for a dialogue on diversity.  It also can be purchased along with a training manual on how the video may be used for an hour and a half workshop.  The cost of one video is $325, with the training manual it’s $335.  Duplicate copies of the video are available at discounted rates.  Information is provided upon request of copies.


Small Book with a Big Idea: Volume 2

The power of Listening in a World of Differences

Diversity is a part of the DNA of America.  This book offers some thought-provoking perspectives on listening that may strengthen and enhance your listening skills.

Read a story about a business executive who shared a story where he listened outside of the box and it kept a big client and how listening fulfilled a dream that I pursued for 5 years.

The book is available in my e-Store  or at Amazon.com

If you are interested in placing bulk order please call  (617) 522-8645.  Thank you for your order and support. Or, you can go to my e-Store page to purchase Small Book with a Big Idea  - The Power of Listening in a World of Differences.

Small Book with a Big Idea: Volume 1
5 Minute Training to Empower You And Transform our World.

A thought provoking book inviting you to look at diversity from a new perspective. 

An excerpt from the book:

 “Dare to be as great as the sun. Dare to shine on everyone.”

Comments On “Small Book With A Big Idea, 5 Minute Training To Empower and Transform Your World”

If you are interested in placing bulk order please call 
(617) 522-8645.  Thank you for your order and support. Or, you can go to my e-Store page below to purchase Small Book with a Big Idea.




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