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 “Sara was able to create a new awareness in us through the use of poetry and the philosophy and concept behind her Sun painting.”

Dr. Winston Burt, Director of Affirmative Action, University of Iowa

“Meeting and listening to Sara was a wonderful and Inspiring experience.”

                               Elementary Educator

 “I thought the workshop was great!  Very inspiring, compassionate, a chance for feelings to be shared, a breath of fresh air, certainly enlightening.”

             Educator at AISNE Conference on Diversity

“I’ve learned that humility is key in learning to be acceptant.  I now also think that I should become more aware of when and what I feel and how I can use those feelings to learn and work on myself.

 Student at Buckingham Browne & Nichols

“Sara’s cultural competency training was engaging and thought-provoking. The presentation fully engaged the audience in a very thoughtful way, and audience members described the presentation as “wonderful,” and “outstanding. ” Participants left the training with practical skills that will serve them in both their professional and personal lives.”

                                                                           Mass-ALFA’s testimonial


  “Attending sessions such as the one provided by Ms. Ting helped all of us work and live together in a more harmonious fashion. As someone serving in a leadership role in my organization gaining a higher level of awareness, through education, helps enable a more responsive and productive workforce. I truly appreciate the opportunities for growth that were provided by this well thought out session. “

John Christensen - Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

“Two noteworthy comments from The Sun workshop were:" slanderous ethnic name calling has significantly decreased” and “participants gained valuable insight into their upbringing and how this relationship effects their co-workers.”

Mary J. Hogan, Manager of Training and Standards at Northeastern University

“The whole workshop was enlightening.”

Police Officer from Brookline Police Department

“The workshop was awesome.”

                                  Participant from Rogerson House

“This whole workshop aided me in reflecting how I am affected by and react to situations regarding prejudice.  I hope to become more aware of my future actions toward those different from me.”

Staff, Dedham Cooperative Bank (Now "Needham Bank")


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